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While I was browsing blogs, I stumbled upon a French blog, called MaxiTendance. You can read about a variety of things: stylish designer products, as well as illustrations, art, design and technology.
Nat at MaxiTendance wrote a really nice article on my designs. It's in French, but you can click to view an automatic translation.
Thanks for the posting!


Unknown said…
Thanks Judit for your nice comment on MaxiTendance and thanks for this lovely post !
All the Maxitendance team loves your work ! Colorfoul and wonderful patterns !
I love your rugs, wall papers and am looking forward to seeing your cushions and stationery lines !

MaxiTendance is up to now only in French but we hope and work lol to write the posts soon both in French and in English.

Nat from MaxiTendance
Unknown said…
Oops ! Great blog too :)
Bye 4 now

Nat from Maxitendance

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