My IKEA Hack with Stefan chairs and a simple unfinished table

I had this unfinished IKEA table and some simple Stefan chairs. They were getting really nasty looking, so I thought I'd give them a make-over. I'd always wanted to try redoing furniture, so I rolled my sleeves up to do some painting and upholstering.

Before and After shots of my IKEA hack
Here is how I did it. I have a 6 year old little boy, so naturally, I wanted a non-toxic and fast drying paint. After looking at home-improvement stores and not having any luck, finally, I found a whole isle of them at Michaels! Who knew they existed!! I chose a nice chocolate brown paint from craftsmart. It was really easy to work with a dried super fast.

For the chairs I chose a fabric with a Florence Broadhurst design - Japanese Florals. It's funny, because at the fabric store they didn't sell it as her design, it was just a no-name fabric, but of course a long-time fan of her work I spotted it immediately. I got my batting and foam for cushions and basically cut the cushion to the size of the seat and stapled the batting first then the fabric to the wood. 

The foam is cut to size
Cutting  the batting to size
The batting is stapled to the seat
Seat with the foam and batting stapled
Measuring the fabric
The fabric is almost stapled to the seat
There, done! Once the seats were done I could put the screws back and attach them to the frame. Be careful though not to bulk up the fabric too much, because the screws won't have enough room, or if that happens you can use longer screws to put the chair back together. And it's done! I have a black and white rug, that I designed a while ago, and since it was black and white I just had to try it with the new chairs. It's great, but maybe not for the kitchen floor! Let me know what you think!

Judit Gueth IKEA hack with Stefan chairs and unfinished table
The finished table and chairs
Judit Gueth IKEA hack with Stefan chairs and unfinished table
The chairs and table with the Rococo rug


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