Panels vs. Continuous Rolls for Wallpaper

For the past few years I've been printing my wallcoverings in 30' rolls. This year, I started reprinting orders on panels instead to avoid the possibility of shading. The first style that's printed as panels is the Koi Silver wallpaper. I still have some rolls of other designs to sell, but slowly as I reprint I'm making the transition to panels. Each roll will have 4 panels and each panel will be 18" wide and 9' long, covering 54 square feet. Each roll will contain 2 A Panels and 2 B Panels. What should you do if your ceiling is higher than 9'? It's not a problem. Let me know, and we can print longer panels for you to accommodate your ceiling height.

Let me know if you have a questions.

Judit Gueth Koi Silver Wallpaper now in panels
Koi Silver Wallpaper


Anonymous said…
Hello, I am Erika Pace an Interior Designer (, big fan of your wallpaper! I am about to order some Koi Silver but can't find who is selling it in UAE, Dubai? I am about to order from UK to sent to Malta as there where I need it for my client, but I live in UAE... Thanks
Re Décor . me said…
I am trying to leave a comment but it doesn't seem to work..
Where in UAE I can buy your wallpaper?

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