Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I've been working on colour proofs for my wallpaper designs. The wallpapers on the website will all be available to print on demand. You'll be able to order any number of rolls!
Two designs, the Peacock and the Koi can also be seen in Walnut Wallpaper's online gallery. Please visit

Koi - Silver

Koi - Chinoiserie

Magone - Cream

Magone - Pink

Maze - Tea

Rococo - Red

Tulips - Taupe

Ocean - Sand

Ocean - Ruby

Songbird - Blue

Peacock - Silver Pink

Peacock - Black Velvet

Amarilla - Black

Lys - Green

Lys - Rouge

Nouveau - Mauve

Duchess - Peach

Campana - Chocolate

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