Blossom Chiropractic Studio - Koi Wallpaper

Rhea Zimmerman of Blossomlife Chiropractic Studio in Napa, California just sent me a few pictures of the Koi wallpaper, that she used for her new studio's reception room.

Blossom's goal is to assist people to reach a spiritual, mental and physical well being by providing skillful and gentle chiropractic care and lifestyle education in a nurturing environment.

The subtle Koi wallpaper seems like a good choice for Rhea's soothing decor.

Thanks for the pictures! :-)


Anonymous said…
If I were in that area I would definatly try this chiropractor just for the oppulent office. Judit she couldn't have chosen a more beautiful wallpaper to enhance the rest of the beautiful room. Congratulations. Your future in interior design is looking bright indeed.
Judit Gueth said…
Thanks Mandy! :-)It does look like a beautiful studio!

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