Mandy Saile

We spent the long weekend in North Bay, and came back with some goodies from my lovely friend Mandy, creator of Bijou's Whimsy. She has some beautiful new things to offer, amongst them her free standing dolls she calls "Nubbins" and birds. I got this gorgeous bird from her as well as the frog necklace. I'm showing my new treasures with the "Pink Jinny" necklace I received a few months ago.

I also wanted to share a new illustration from Mandy. This one was inspired by me, which is such an honour! It's entitled "I am a Beautiful Home"


Mandy Saile said…
Oh wow Judit, thanks:D I am at the gallery right now just catching up on some blogs before I start sketching and this post all about little moi was a nice surprise and treat indeed:D XO M.
Lori said…
That's inspired by you? Oh how wonderful!
Judit Gueth said…
Yes it is! Thanks Lori! :-)

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