Wallpaper - The Ultimate Guide

Yesterday I received the Wallpaper - An Ultimate Guide by Charlotte Abrahams. I was so excited I ripped the packaging open pretty well right after the mailman left. I have two of my wallpaper patterns in the book. What's really cool is, that a German art director saw my Koi fish design in this book and ordered two rolls for a movie called "Unsere Farm in Irland".

I haven't had time to do a lot of design work lately. Benjamin, our Bean is 4 months and a week now, and pretty well taking up my whole day. Today I'm lucky because he's having a good nap, but some days he only sleeps half an hour at a time during the day. Here is a recent picture of him. :-)


Art by Katalin said…
O Judit ez nagyszeru!!! Gratulalok a sikeredhez! A vegen meg hires leszel! ;) Persze nem csoda hiszen a tapetaid gyonyoruek! Nagyon tetszik a hattyus..olyan magyaros :) Tenyleg, mindig megakartam kerdezni...melyik programmal tervezel?

A kisfiad tunderi aranyos es milyen nagy mar...szalad az ido igaz?
Tovabbi sok sikert a munkaidhoz es boldog babazast! :)
Mandy Saile said…
Wow that looks like a nice one, congrats Judit...the cover is beautiful too.

Oh Mr. Tiny Bean, too cute:D Hugs and squeezes from Auntie Mandy please:D
the wallpaper looks fantastic. but the little boy is much more lovely...
Edit Anderson said…
Judit, gratulalok a sikeredhez, gyonyoru a munkad. Es persze gratulalok a kis szived csucskehez, eddigi legszebb alkotasod...
Edit (sz. Fehervari)

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