Pink Flamingo Wallpaper at Roomy

A couple of weeks ago we were at Roomy Interiors to check out their new decor. The store looked gorgeous bursting with colour. The new "Miami Style" included a lot of pinks, and the decor was bright, fun and summery. They used my Pink Flamingo wallpaper on one one the walls. Here are a few pictures.


Ez a flamingós tapéta iszonyú jó! Éva
Judit Gueth said…
Koszi szepen Eva! :-)
Mandy Saile said…
looks great Judit...the mirror really suits the design. It must be so exciting to see your designs out in the world for real, wow:D
Anonymous said…
Gyönyörű munkáid vannak! Lenyűgöző, elragadó, varázslatos, könnyed, egyedi. Nagyon tehetséges vagy! Gratulálok! Edina

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