Interior Decorating Show

I've been doing a lot of graphic design work for the Interior Decorating Show by Showcase Marketing. They also organize the International Home Show, the International Home and Garden Show and the Better Living Boomer Show. After a long break the Interior Decorating Show will open its doors to visitor on October 27 with a trade only day and will continue with three consumer days.The event will take place at the same time as the International Home Show.

I did the show's logo and brochure, and didn't think about exhibiting (since I don't have a brand new collection) until I was offered a complimentary booth. :-) And not only any booth, but a nice one right at the entrance and near the main stage. Now I have to look at the trade show walls I made a couple of years ago and make sure they stand and organize everything for move-in day.
Here is the show's brochure. I'll keep you posted about my booth number. I should receive it today. If you can make it, please stop by my booth and say hi!


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