Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Back to work

Well, hello blog! I'm back at work. My son, Benjamin started a full time program last months and it gives me almost a full day again to work on my business. It's strange to have this many hours to work, but a good strange.

I started getting back into the swing of things by reviewing my website. It still has a lot of Flash components, but slowly I'm changing them to HTML. It's not going very fast, since I'm no programmer, but I'm doing my best. I've redesigned my wallpaper pages, so now they're visible on mobile platforms. I've signed up for an Etsy shop to showcase some pillows and wallpaper. I wasn't able to sell my rugs there, because I don't actually to the tufting or weaving, but I noticed, that now they have a "designer" section where you can apply to sell products that you designed, but someone else manufactured. I've also started creating a Houzz portfolio to reach more people. Marketing is time consuming, but it's worth the effort!

Oh, I've also applied participate in the IDS14!! It's going to be crazy to try to get everything together by January 23. Ok. Better get back to work!

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