IDS Summary

The Interior Design Show was over a week ago. It was a lot of preparations and a lot of overhead, but it's done!! I'm deeply grateful for Ed's help. As always, he was helping me in every way he could. Thanks Hon! :-) I was also lucky to find a great guy to take all my stuff to the show and help me set the booth up. If anyone needs a "man with a van", who is smart, helpful, CALM and has great rates, let me know! I can highly recommend him.

The Gala Night at the IDS was fun, a lot of colourful personalities, wine, nice dresses and displays. Ed was with me, so I was able to run around a bit and saw half of the show. It was nice to get decked out. Finally, I got to wear my long dress from Melanie Lynne, which I bought years ago! In the background there is "Liz". Most people thought she was great, but a couple of them were freaked out by her, thinking she was a real person. At the end, I think her dress  was a success. It was a ton of work, cutting gluing, stapling and velcroing. It was made of over 350 strips of wallpaper (I used misprinted wallpaper, because it's very strong), which I covered with yarn. I'd never seen so much glue before! My booth neighbours were great. Just to list some of them: Archilume, Galerie-Co, Drake Wood Design, Kyle Megill, Madoc Rocks, Totem Rugs, Tony Koukos and Studio La Beaute.

People loved my new rugs and wallpaper. Stay tuned for images coming soon!

Ed and I at the Interior Design Show Gala
"Liz" and I at the Interior Design Show Gala


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