How You Can Transform Your Kitchen to Boost Your Meal Prep - by Guest Blogger Alice Robertson

In this new guest article by Miami based professional home organizer Alice Robertson gives you excellent ideas on keeping your kitchen ready for cooking nutritious meals at any time.

It can seem hard to find the time to cook healthy meals. Yet, we know the benefits of eating at home, both for our health and our finances. One way to encourage yourself to get in the kitchen is to make it meal prep-friendly. Here’s how to get started.

Declutter Your Excess

Before you can think about simplifying your kitchen prep, you need to declutter and free up
some space. To begin, ask yourself questions about your current setup. For example, do you use every piece of equipment, or do you have multiple versions of each one? Are they outdated or in disrepair? After you are through with your first clean, it’s time to consider what you can purge. This might include outdated cookbooks, surplus utensils, nearly empty cleaning supplies, and warped baking ware. Likewise, think of anything that is past its expiry date or otherwise useless, such as old spices, burnt oven mitts, or tattered dish towels.

Reorganize for Success

One necessary step to kitchen reorganization is adding creative storage, like wine racks, lid
organizers, stackable drawer organizers, or magnetic kitchen racks you can place wherever
there is space. Similarly, a Lazy Susan makes storing spices a breeze and can help you
arrange cupboards efficiently. You want an intuitive system, so have anything you use
frequently within easy reach, and place goods rarely used high up or in lower cabinets. To add additional accessibility, categorize your foods and label everything, particularly the dates.

Stock Up on Basics

You can further your efforts by stocking up on kitchen staples that last longer and are used
regularly. For instance, hard cheeses, like Parmesan, last for months and can be used in many cooking styles. You need a good fat, so consider butter, as it has a neutral taste, and can be frozen to extend its life. Similarly, broccoli and root vegetables like carrots, potatoes, and onions last long and pair well with many types of cuisine. However, you should also keep your favorite pasta on hand for when you don’t feel like making an elaborate meal. Lastly, don’t overlook basic spices like salt, pepper, garlic, and a good hot sauce to add a kick to dishes.

Where to DIY

Prepping is easier when you have effective storage, some of which you can install yourself.
After all, adding storage can be as simple as creating pegboards and toe-kick drawers.
Pegboards are easy to craft and can even store pans to leave cupboards open for other
cookware. Likewise, toe-kick drawers, while shallow and usually only about three inches deep, provide extra storage for small items you don’t use frequently. They may take up a whole weekend to craft but are a doable project with the right tools.

When to Call in the Pros

Unfortunately, we can’t do everything ourselves. If your projects go over a few hundred dollars, it’s probably time to bring in some professionals. Thanks to their experience, designers can also improve the functionality of your kitchen, as they could, for instance, place the prep area between the stove and sink. In fact, professionals can take the stress out of researching coding, the differences between materials, and just what goes into a successful kitchen organization. Of course, do plenty of research before you select a professional to work on your kitchen.

Cooking doesn’t have to be a burden when you’re prepared. Make sure your kitchen is
optimized, get the professional help you need, and the kitchen fully stocked to make a variety of meals. Eating healthily is vital for wellness, so make a commitment to have better food.

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