Thursday, December 5, 2013

My installation for the IDS

I'm working on an installation for the Interior Design Show in January. I had a mannequin in mind, with a haute couture paper dress that's covered with yarn for rugs. I have a lot of yarn bundles and I thought it would be a nice use for it.
So, Ed's mom Barbara and I went to this place called Recycled Displays to look for a mannequin. We were greeted by an extremely friendly dog named Bear. He would have been happy to show us around, but the owner of the shop sent him back to do paperwork. :-)

Two ladies were happy to guide us through a maze of all kinds of mannequins. I have to say it was pretty creepy. It looked like a place from some horror movie. We managed to get one, and I named her Liz, because one of the other mannequins were from a Liz Claiborn store and I thought the name was great for her too. :-) I have Liz here now, I just have to come up with a dress for her. I'm trying to use Tacky Glue to glue the yarn to the table and to the mannequin's dress, but it's really messy. I think I'll have to look for a clear glue. Last minute, as usual......:-)

My booth design for the Interior Design Show
My booth design for the Interior Design Show
My table for marketing materials
This is the table I'm trying to cover with yarn and use it to hold marketing materials
Yarn bundles to use
Liz, the mannequin

Mobile link to enter the rug giveaway - 19 days to go!

Giveaway rug

Finally, I got the mobile link to enter the rug giveaway.
If you're on your phone, please use this link to enter your email address for a chance to win a beautiful blue rug:
Good luck to everybody and thanks for your support! :-) 

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Win a Beautiful 5x8 New Zealand Wool Rug!

Win a 5x8 New Zealand Wool Rug
Win a Rug!
I've just launched a Facebook Sweepstakes! Enter to win a beautiful blue 5 x 8 New Zealand wool rug!

Since getting back to work I tried to find ways to boost brand awareness. During my search I came across a BC based company named Wishpond. They provide a platform for Facebook sweepstakes and contests. I figured, giving a rug away before the Holidays would really brighten up someones Christmas, and it would get my name out there a bit too!

Simply go to my Facebook page, click "Like" and the tab "Win a Rug" will become available. Enter your email and you'll have a chance to win the blue rug! Shipping is included. You need to be 18 years of age and have a Canadian shipping address. Good luck to everyone!

Thank you I love Giveaways and Contest for helping me spread the word!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Creating Custom Rugs

Creating custom rugs is really easy AND it's affordable. Having the perfect rug with the perfect colours in your home is simpler than you think, and the creative process is a lot of fun! You can send me an email any time to receive a quote.

Here is how it works:
-Collect fabric swatches or paint chips with the colours in your home
-Describe the design you had in mind, or your can bring your own design (as long as you own the copyright).
-Usually, I create a few drawings based on your description and we narrow it down from there.
-If you're in Toronto, we can have a meeting to look at your materials and select colours from either 600 wool pom poms or using the Fashion+Home Pantone Colour Guide (if you don't find the colours you need in the pom pom box).
-I prepare an Illustrator drawing of how your rug will look and send it off to the manufacturer.
-Rugs take about 3 months to receive (usually by courier).
-Rugs can be made in different qualities: they can be hand-knotted (best quality) or hand-tufted, the design can be carved around or the pile can be left even.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

Judit Gueth custom rugs
Select colours from the Pantone Home+Fashion colour guide
Judit Gueth custom rugs
Match your wallpaper to wool pom poms
Judit Gueth custom rugs
Match your fabric to wool pom poms
Judit Gueth custom rugs
Match your fabric to wool pom poms
Judit Gueth custom rugs
Wool pom poms are a lot of fun to match
Judit Gueth custom rugs
Wool pom poms for custom rugs
Judit Gueth custom rugs
Wool pom poms for custom rugs
Judit Gueth custom rugs
Wool pom poms for custom rugs

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Panels vs. Continuous Rolls for Wallpaper

For the past few years I've been printing my wallcoverings in 30' rolls. This year, I started reprinting orders on panels instead to avoid the possibility of shading. The first style that's printed as panels is the Koi Silver wallpaper. I still have some rolls of other designs to sell, but slowly as I reprint I'm making the transition to panels. Each roll will have 4 panels and each panel will be 18" wide and 9' long, covering 54 square feet. Each roll will contain 2 A Panels and 2 B Panels. What should you do if your ceiling is higher than 9'? It's not a problem. Let me know, and we can print longer panels for you to accommodate your ceiling height.

Let me know if you have a questions.

Judit Gueth Koi Silver Wallpaper now in panels
Koi Silver Wallpaper

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Koi Chinoiserie Wallpaper at the Buddha Bar

I found this image yesterday while browsing the Internet. A couple of years ago I sold some Koi Chinoiserie wallpaper to an interior design firm in Dubai named Greenline Interiors. They used the wallpaper for the B/Attitude Spa in Dubai. This was the first time I saw a picture of how the interior looked. It looks gorgeous!

 Koi Chinoiserie Wallpaper at the Buddha Bar, B/Attitude Spa, Dubai
 Koi Chinoiserie Wallpaper at the Buddha Bar, B/Attitude Spa, Dubai

Back to work

Well, hello blog! I'm back at work. My son, Benjamin started a full time program last months and it gives me almost a full day again to work on my business. It's strange to have this many hours to work, but a good strange.

I started getting back into the swing of things by reviewing my website. It still has a lot of Flash components, but slowly I'm changing them to HTML. It's not going very fast, since I'm no programmer, but I'm doing my best. I've redesigned my wallpaper pages, so now they're visible on mobile platforms. I've signed up for an Etsy shop to showcase some pillows and wallpaper. I wasn't able to sell my rugs there, because I don't actually to the tufting or weaving, but I noticed, that now they have a "designer" section where you can apply to sell products that you designed, but someone else manufactured. I've also started creating a Houzz portfolio to reach more people. Marketing is time consuming, but it's worth the effort!

Oh, I've also applied participate in the IDS14!! It's going to be crazy to try to get everything together by January 23. Ok. Better get back to work!