My installation for the IDS

I'm working on an installation for the Interior Design Show in January. I had a mannequin in mind, with a haute couture paper dress that's covered with yarn for rugs. I have a lot of yarn bundles and I thought it would be a nice use for it.
So, Ed's mom Barbara and I went to this place called Recycled Displays to look for a mannequin. We were greeted by an extremely friendly dog named Bear. He would have been happy to show us around, but the owner of the shop sent him back to do paperwork. :-)

Two ladies were happy to guide us through a maze of all kinds of mannequins. I have to say it was pretty creepy. It looked like a place from some horror movie. We managed to get one, and I named her Liz, because one of the other mannequins were from a Liz Claiborn store and I thought the name was great for her too. :-) I have Liz here now, I just have to come up with a dress for her. I'm trying to use Tacky Glue to glue the yarn to the table and to the mannequin's dress, but it's really messy. I think I'll have to look for a clear glue. Last minute, as usual......:-)

My booth design for the Interior Design Show
My booth design for the Interior Design Show
My table for marketing materials
This is the table I'm trying to cover with yarn and use it to hold marketing materials
Yarn bundles to use
Liz, the mannequin


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