Upcoming Event: "Wallpaper Now" at Design Within Reach

If you live in Philadelphia:
Paul Sperling of Colonial Wallcoverings will be showing my wallpapers at the Philadelphia studio of Design Within Reach. The event is going to take place on March 6, 2008 at 6.30 pm. For more information check out the studio's website.

Julianna Holowka (www.juliannaholowka.com), who is working with Paul to set up the event, sent me this frame she made using the Koi wallpaper.

Check out Julianna's site! Her "Mean Cards" are really funny. :-)


Anonymous said…
Wow, what a wonderful ideal. In all of my crafting and refinishing of old things I have never thought of using wallpaper to recover something, espeacially with one of your lovely designs Judit...hmmmm....ideals are beginning to fly now.

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