Toronto Star on Designers Walk

A friend of mine sent me a message on Saturday, that I was in the Toronto Star! Ed bought a copy while he was running errands, and when he got home I was really excited to see my Pink Mermaid rug in the Living Section. I scanned in part of the article.

The rug is hanging in the Sustainable Design Area of Toronto's Designers Walk (Dupont Subway station - Dupont and Davenport Road).

If you haven't seen this really nice part of the city, you should definitely check it out. There are several gorgeous designer stores, that sell their products to the trade only, but you can always look.

I love the little sheep mascot of Australian rug company Godfrey Hirst.


Mandy Saile said…
wow Judit, that picture looks good. Your so good at getting me...the next huge thing and step is just on the horizon...maybe even tommorow it'll come knocking on your door:D Love Mandy

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