Rugs Available at Jane Hall

I visited Jane Hall's beautiful store at 2156 Queen Street East last Friday, and I was so impressed by the way she displayed my red Rococo rug. It looks amazing with the red couch and decorative pillows, and a red-gray ottoman. Jane definitely has a great sense of style.

She has the black and white Rococo rug (a black and light gray version) on display as well in her second store at 2010 Queen St. East. A clothing store formerly known as "Ups and Downs" now shares space with Jane, creating a hip and sophisticated "fusion of decor and fashion".


kate said…
Beautiful rug and vinette.
how talent you are. a feast for the eyes please ck out our new
thanks again
Judit Gueth said…
Thanks so much Kate! :-)
I checked out your blog. Beautiful china!
Mandy Saile said…
Wow....I'll take that whole red set up for our den:D The carpet is even more beautiful in this set up Judit, wow, how exciting it must have been to first see it in Jane's store. A feast of colour for sure.
Judit Gueth said…
Thanks Bijou! Yes, the whole setup would look amazing in your den!
Unknown said…
Ohhh those are beautiful Judit. Just found your blog....
I'll add your blog to my links!

Hope things are well!
Judit Gueth said…
Thanks Vince! :-)I'll add your blog too!
Anonymous said…
Your Rugs look fantastic, really beutiful I adore the red Rococo rug!
have added your blog as a link on mine at
Judit Gueth said…
Thanks so much! I'll add your blog to my list as well.

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