HomeBox Filing System from Jodi Sinden

Last Friday my friend Jodi Sinden, owner of Sinden Home and Lifestyle Inc. was featured in Toronto's 24 Hours.

Jodi's award winning product is a stylish organizing system that consists of a beautiful embossed faux-leather box and nine envelopes to hold important documents. The gorgeous pre-printed envelopes titled Health, Career, Education, Vehicle, Household, Taxes, Financing, Recreation include lists of items of what can be stored in them. February is tax time, so if you find that your tax receipts, T4s and other important documents are all over the place, you might want to consider a filing system. The HomeBox will not only make your life easier, but it will also look nice on the shelf! It's availabe in two different colours: espresso and black.

For more information, or to order your own HomeBox, please visit www.sindenhome.com.
Images © Jodi Sinden


Mandy Saile said…
It's people like Jodi that make many of our artistic ventures possible and not quite so overwhelming. I've been hearing about Jodi's boxes and ventures for awhile and I do wish her luck with these and really like the fact that they are faux leather.
Alyce said…
Can you please connect me with Ms. Sinden. I hope to purchase several Homeboxes ... unable to find any info on the web. i did purcahse through Frontgate/Grandin Road and would like more. And extra files folders. Thank you.
Alyce Burke
Judit Gueth said…
Hi Alyce,

I've forwarded your email to Jodi.

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