Illustrated Necklaces from Mandy Saile

Today I'd like to show some beautiful new necklaces from my dear friend, illustrator Mandy Saile - one of the most creative people I've ever met. Mandy mounts images of her original coloured pencil illustrations on bamboo tiles, and adds glass beads to create dazzling results. Each necklace is packaged in a beautiful little organza bag with a personal note from the artist. The necklaces make gorgeous one of a kind gifts. I definitely have my favourite! :-) Which one do you like?

The necklaces are available at Mandy's Etsy store. You can also visit her blog Bijou's Whimsy, where she writes daily about her life as an artist and "bunny mommy" in her beautiful North Bay home.

All images from Mandy Saile/Bijou's Whimsy.


Mandy Saile said…
I can't believe I never commented to thank you here for posting about my necklaces:D THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU....I know I emailed you but still...I sold some locally but still no luck in the Etsy shop...wth!....XO.

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