Pillow and Wallpaper pictures

Today I'd like to share a few images of my products in "action". The first ones are photos from Mandy Saile. It's nice to see my pillow designs in her beautiful home!

I also have a wallpaper picture. To the request of Walnut Wallpaper the "Koi Lake" design (blue/green version of my Koi fish design) is available again. The image features Walnut's bathroom with the wallpaper.


Mandy Saile said…
ha ha...these photos are on my blog post tommorow, you beat me to it. I am so happy with the pillows they are lovely and I am honoured to have them in our house. Thanks Judit. XO M.
Judit Gueth said…
Yes, I was fast for a change! I'm glad you like them! :-)
Thanks again! XO J.

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