Koma Designs

Recently, I became part of Koma Designs Collective. The way it works, is that you pay a monthly fee to rent a small part of the store, where you can sell your designs for retail prices. There are several furniture designers and visual artists who also joined the collective:
Dennis Lin from Umomo, Jason & Lars Dressler of the Brothers Dressler, Peter Wehrspann from Holtzundmetal, Ryan Legassicke, Dian & Sonja from Sodi Designs, William Hampton and Kyle Lane from The Other Five, Rick Ivey, Graham Marrs from Marrs Furniture, Stu Andrenelli from Playdead, Gilbert Vanden Heuvel, Lison Wagner, Britt Olauson, Blake Eddy, Geramie O'Shea, Stacey Dodge, Michelle Lamontagne, Eric Ryder, Richard Silliker, Daniela Pattinato and Sean McBride.

There will be an opening reception to introduce the artists and designers that are now part of the collective on Thursday, April 16. The address is the following:

Koma Designs & Furniture Gallery
1239 Queen Street W. (Just West of Dufferin St. and the Gladstone Hotel).
www.komadesigns.com The press opening will be: 3-7 and the public opening: 8-11. Please drop by if you're in the area!

In the meantime, check out some pictures of the funky store!


Mandy Saile said…
Looks Good Judit...I hope that you can eventually perhaps hang one of the carpets on the wall, that would be extra excellent:D Hope the opening is fun and full. XX M.

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