Graphic Design: Girl Get Strong

Recently, I finished a project for three energetic ladies in BC. The trio of young moms decided to share their fitness and lifestyle adventures on their website:

You can read various articles on staying in shape, healthy eating, current events - and of course having fun while you're at it. Their articles are informative, funny and really well written. Definitely worth checking out!

Here are the images I created for the Girl, Get Strong! website:

The girls wanted a Charlie's Angels style pose.
Susan, a.k.a."Pink Panther"
Sian, a.k.a. "GoGo Girl"

Melanie, a.k.a."Crazy Legs"


Nat said…
Hey Judit ! Hope you're okay. What a punchy and girly colour ! love these dynamic girls.
Unknown said…
oooh Sweet! Nicely done Judit!
Unknown said…
Oooh Sweet! Nicely done Judit
Judit Gueth said…
Thanks Vince! :-)

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