Roomy Interiors: New Look

Yesterday I was at Roomy Interiors on King Street East to take pictures of the new store. I was really excited, because several of my products were on display. The colours looked amazing and the store looked gorgeous! Here are a few snap shots:

I love the greys and soft greens with yellow accents for this arrangement. The beautiful grey sheets look great with my Sunflower Swirl silk pillows!

A close-up of the pillows with the bed.

The "Lilies - Black" wallpaper in a beautiful black & white arrangement.

A close-up of the "Lilies - Black" wallpaper.

Fireplace with the "Koi - Chinoiserie" wallpaper.

The grey "Mermaid" rug with coffee table.

The "Flower String" pillows on the couch with the grey "Mermaid" rug in the front.


Mandy Saile said…
wow Judit, they do look amazing in this beautiful store...I'll have to pop in one of these next trips to TO.
You should be very proud of yourself, you've worked hard and long to get your beautiful items into such a
Art by Katalin said…
I'm glad I've found your blog from Bijou's Whimsy...not just because you are Hungarian like me...but your designs are beautiful, organic and they totally uplift that store! :)
Unknown said…
wow those designs are gorgeous Judit!

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