More new rug pictures

We had about three photo sessions trying to take good pictures of the new rugs. It's definitely not easy! We've tried inside a dance studio, outside in the yard, hanging the rugs on a T-stand and laying them down on the ground. Sunlight is still the best, but if it's too strong it can drown out the colours. Even with Photoshop it's hard to keep the colours consistent! So far this is what I have. We've just ordered more professional lights, so we might make another jump at the pictures....


Poppies - Red

Poppies - Yellow

Rhapsody - Red

Rhapsody - Beige


Mandy Saile said…
I appreciate the difficulties and labour in getting good photos...espeacially with something as heavy as your rugs and with winter fast approaching, it must be tricky indeed. These look pretty good though Judit.
Unknown said…
oooh thats beautiful Judit!

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