New Hand-Knotted Rugs

A couple of days ago I got a phone call from the warehouse, that my new hand-knotted rugs have arrived from India and we had a couple of days to pick them up. Yesterday I did my importing forms (always a challenge) and checked them a million times, so nobody gives me a hard time at customs (something always screws up). With Ed's generous help we went to the warehouse to pick up the papers, then to the customs office to clear the shipment and back to the warehouse to get the rugs. Finally, they're here!

I opened the samples first, because they're small. I'll have to wait to open the big ones when Ed gets home, because my belly sort of gets in the way. I took some pictures of the small, 2x2 samples for a sneak peek. Here they are.


Mandy Saile said…
They are more beautiful than I imagined...I can't wait to see the full versions and also in person. I remember your sample ones and the texture was so soft and touchable...beautiful beautiful work and products Judit. That baby in your belly sure will be proud of his momma:D
Art by Katalin said…
These are beautiful Judit!! You must be so excited to see your designs come alive! :)
I love the Hungarian flower motives!I would love to have a carpet liked that.

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