Project Selvage

Well, it's been a while..... Benjamin definitely keeps my hands full, but with this one he actually helped mommy. I decided to enter the Project Selvage baby boy fabric design contest presented by Spoonflower and Michael Miller Fabrics. Out of the 968 entries I made it to the semi finals. Check out the 75 designs by the semi finalists and vote for your favourites!

My entry has a farm theme. Benjamin loves farm animals and loves to imitate the sounds they make. He also loves tractors, anything that has wheels and even heavy machinery (who would have thought that a book full of yellow construction machines would be interesting to a one year old - looks like the most boring book to me...)! When the Bean saw my design, he started making Brrrrmmmm, Brrrrrmmmmm, Mooooo and other sounds. :-) I guess it was approved by him. :-) So, here is my entry:

Project Selvage


Art by Katalin said…
Congrats Judit! Your design looks really cute and I like the colours! :)
Judit Gueth said…
Koszonom Kati! Remelem jol vagytok. Mar egy ideje nem voltam a blogodon.
Yolanda T. said…
Sorteo de una paleta de maquillaje en :


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