The Peacock wallpaper at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria

It's been so long that I posted, that I almost forgot how to add a new post. I've been working on a lot of projects while trying to get back on the design horse at the same time.I have a lot of new images to share, amongst them a couple of wallpaper installation photos from Victoria, BC.

Toronto and New York based artist Shelly Bahl chose my wallpaper as part of her installation for an exhibition entitled "Collected Resonance" at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria. Inspired by a short story about domestic psychological abuse and madness by Charlotta Perkins Gilman, Shelly Bahl explores issues of psychological violence and the historical phenomenon of "female hysteria" in her installation "The Peacock Wallpaper II".
The exhibition also features works by two other South Asian Canadian women artists who gather and create narratives informed by the mythologies and ideologies of their Hindu, Sikh and Muslim heritage.
The "Collected Resonance" will be open to the public between September 23, 2011 and January 8, 2012.
The following images are by Larry Pfister.


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