Our trip to the Artist Project

Last weekend we visited the Artist Project. It was a lot of fun, and even Ben handled the whole exhibition, which is pretty good for a 6 year old busy little monkey!

Mark Berens, my friend from OCAD was exhibiting and offered free tickets for the show. I'm so glad we went, and the weather was amazing, even for a lake shore walk afterwards. Thanks again Mark! :-)

Here are some of Mark's paintings of Canadian landscapes that are full of texture, rhythm and movement. 

I also liked the intricate little machines of James Paterson. Ben loved them too and tried to make them move.

Victor Molev's detailed surreal paintings were definitely eye candy in some magical world.

I loved the graphic, illustrative quality of Bill Keast's work. The yellow leaves just transport you right in the middle of a sunny fall afternoon.

I also liked the whimsical paintings of JoEllen Brydon, especially the snowy scenes.

Of the abstract painters I really liked the paintings of Claire Desjardins. It's funny, because on the way to the show we were chatting with a gentleman on the streetcar, who was visiting her and I took note of name to come by her booth.

And Lori Mirabelli's abstract work.

Ben with a chair sculpture by Rushdi Anwar

And a nice walk by Lake Ontario


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