Wallpaper Panels and Framed Wallpaper

If you don't own your own home or find wallpapering a whole wall too overpowering or too expensive, there are a few crafty ways to display your favourite patterns as fun and colourful accents that can really make a room! You can install wallpaper inside wall moulding which creates a nice frame and adds a lot of dimension to the walls, you can frame wallpaper and you can also mount it on insulation board or foam core.

Camila from Effortless Style describes how they installed this Firm Living wallpaper on boards and framed it afterwards.

This beautiful design is from Maison 21

Interior design by Vanessa de Vargas

Tobi Fairley's Holiday House design

Judit Gueth Black Dragonfly wallpaper. Customer image. 

Wallpaper pasted on pink insulation boards via Apartment Therapy

And a great tutorial from Design Maze on how to mount wallpaper on foam core.


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