How DHL ruined my 2 rugs worth thousands

I had two beautiful custom rugs made for an interior designer client. After the long, almost 4 month wait, the rugs finally arrived! Excited to see them, I unpacked them and immediately my heart sank. 

Rhapsody rug in blue, 8x9 custom made for Tobi Brockway Interiors
Maze rug, 6x8 custom made for Tobi Brockway Interiors using Rober Allen's Merry Maze in Calypso fabric as the design
There were HOLES in both rugs, even a tear in one of them. I called my manufacturer immediately and as you can imagine he was not happy. These rugs take months to make and about 4-5 people work on one rug creating a masterpiece. Since the rugs were INSURED with DHL who picked them up and delivered them, he thought he had a good case. 

I spent days just taking pictures and sending them to both India and to the DHL office here in Canada. The images showed 7 holes in each rug and a larger the tear in one of the rugs. I had to lay out the packaging and matched up the holes on the rugs with the holes on the packaging. A pleasant lady called me and reassured me that she will be very helpful. She tried to explain to me that in India manufacturers might put NAILS in the rugs when they make them. I straightened her out that my manufacturer has international clients who they create high quality artistic rugs for. Why on Earth would they nail the rugs to make holes in them?? You would have to be a moron to do that. Then she blamed the manufacturer for not packaging the rugs correctly. The rugs were packaged with care, and the same way I always receive rugs from overseas with "USE NO HOOKS" tape all over the packages. 

At the end DHL determined that they were not liable for the damage. Now these rugs have to be shipped back to India for repair and then shipped back. This lady from DHL was so sweet, she told me that as soon as they're ready to be picked up, she'll make sure that DHL picks them up. After all, my manufacturer is a large company with a large account at DHL and they can just ship the rugs back and forth because they don't know how else to spend their money.  Sure lady, if you think you can get 3x the shipping out of my manufacturer, you're wrong! I think you just lost a large account. Congratulations! Great customer service serving ONLY yourself!

Immediately, I saw the damage on the tufted floral rug. The cotton backing really shows it. 

I'm grateful for my manufacturer's professional attitude for arranging the pickup, repairing these gorgeous rugs and shipping them back. Their great customer service is an amazing example of how to treat and keep your customers. DHL? Well, that's a different story. 


Re Décor . me said…
oh dear... such a shame!
Judit Gueth said…
Thanks Erika! Such a pain, waste of time and money. :-(

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