Customer Service at its BEST

I mentioned in an earlier post, that two beautiful (and expensive) rugs got damaged during shipping from India. They were in DHL's care, insured, but at the end DHL didn't take any responsibility for the holes in the rugs, even though they handled them door to door. Needless to say, I was very very dismayed. These were custom rugs for clients who waited for 4 months to get them. 

There were talks of repairing them, but at the end my manufacturer decided to REMAKE both rugs FREE OF CHARGE. You have to know that about 4-5 weavers work on a rug, especially a hand-knotted piece to achieve the beautiful weave that we admire, and it takes them MONTHS to complete the task. The COST of materials is HIGH, as they use New Zealand wool. The manufacturer is now shipping the rugs to me at his OWN EXPENSE which will cost about 1000 CAD. I'm so touched, I'd never been treated this well by any manufacturer. In the past, when I had problems, I was left to pick up the tab. I'm so grateful! I will still have to hire someone with a van to get the shipment from the airport, and I still have to give a discount to my client because of their inconvenience, but at least I didn't have to do it all alone. THANK YOU for the AMAZING CUSTOMER SERVICE!

Rhapsody Blue Rug 8x9


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