Custom Fabric

I completed a fabric design titled Japanese Garden for Spoonflower's contest last spring and won the contest! Since then, various colour ways of this fabric have been used for different projects. One of the projects was to recolour the fabric to match a client's room. I was working with Frances Pusch Fine Sewing for Interiors, a lovely lady from Maine (also a fan of dogs!!!) on this project. We had to achieve a "Chinese Red" to match her client's walls in a beautiful old house. The fabric is going to be used for drapes and upholstery.

Here are some of the images of the work in progress. I'm excited to see more as the project progresses! 

Japanese Garden in "Chinese Red" for Frances Push Fine Sewing for Interiors. Photo by Frances Pusch.

First attempt a the Red colour version for the Japanese Garden available at Spoonflower.

The final colour adjustment for Frances' project. We had to scale the print down from 14" to 13.25". This version is also available at Spoonflower.

The gray version of the Japanese Garden. This is on Linen Cotton for upholstery. 

The original images from Spoonflower. Image by Spoonflower.

My chair for the Chair Affair at the end of October 2016. I used the gray version of the fabric and painted the back of the chair.

Me and my chair at the Chair Affair 2016 Gala at Casalife. 


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