Fearless Decorator Feature: Alex Papachristidis

I came across the work of Alex Papachristidis in an issue of Elle Decor, and immediately fell in love with his work. His elegant combinations of pattern and colour, his careful selection of modern and classical accents result in stylish, eclectic spaces. 

I love this analogous colour palette, and the patterns mix in so seamlessly!
Image: Alex Papachristidis

A perfect mix of patterns
Image: Alex Papachristidis

Another analogous colour palette (I really love those as you can tell)

The rich purple and gold gives this room such a regal feel. Even with the peace symbol!
Image: Alex Papachristidis

Beautiful split complementary color scheme, harmonious, yet interesting!
Image: Alex Papachristidis, wallpaper by Cole and Son
Image: Alex Papachristidis

Image: Alex Papachristidis

Image: Alex Papachristidis
ImageAlex Papachristidis
Image: Alex Papachristidis
The mix of patterns in this bedroom is simply amazing! There is so much going on, and yet, the different scale of patterns have similar colour palettes, and blend in seamlessly! Image: Alex Papachristidis

I'm always a sucker for cranes!! Image: Alex Papachristidis


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